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SOUTHER Agricultural Import Export & Investment Joint Stock Company - SAEXIM

Vision, mission, core values

To become the leading enterprise in Vietnam in the field of import and export of agricultural products, ranked No. 1 in agricultural production and business, and in the Top 10 of agricultural product processing enterprises. Taking sustainable agricultural development, applying high technology as the core foundation, aiming to build Saexim into a large, prestigious domestic and international brand.

To expand and build concentrated raw material areas for agricultural development; Consolidate and develop the value chain of agricultural products (from seedling production, planting, processing to consumer markets) to create products and services that meet customers' needs and bring value high growth rate, based on modern and environmentally friendly technology. Promoting the leading role of State enterprises in the development of the agricultural sector, contributing to the socio-economic development of the country. Build and connect businesses in the Company into a sustainable agricultural ecosystem, in which businesses have connection and mutual support, have strong financial and technological potential; innovating, creating, enhancing competitiveness to meet the requirements of development cooperation and international integration in the new era. Bringing Saexim to become the pride of Vietnam's agricultural industry. Promoting the role of leading and developing the agricultural sector in accordance with the orientation and policies of the Party and State, through the application of modern management methods to improve efficiency, focusing on recruitment and training. staff to improve quality and develop human resources, publicize financial transparency ... in order to consolidate and develop Saexim's brand in the domestic and world markets. Fully perform the roles and functions of a business, contribute to economic development, stabilize social security in mountainous, rural, remote areas ..., protect the environment and bring the greatest benefit to the community.


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